About Us


We are a leading global consultancy and training company founded by Gilda Scarfe in 2014. Gilda is a researcher, international keynote speaker, global consultant, positive education and leadership expert. Our team consists of coaches, facilitators, educators, researchers and psychologists, all with a passion for fostering growth and creating long lasting change.


We use research to develop, implement and evaluate mental toughness, wellbeing and resilience in corporate organizations and education.

Our outcomes are measurable through a series of evidence-based scales. We believe that all organizations, schools and communities should make wellbeing and resilience a visible and conscious part of their daily practice.

We believe in preparing people for a rapidly changing world by equipping them with wellbeing skills, resilience, mental toughness, global perspective, and respect for core values of honesty, integrity and compassion.


Our vision is to be global leaders in the practical application of positive psychology, emotional intelligence and mental toughness. To deliver research based training and educational programmes to promote the science of wellbeing throughout schools and organisations.

Our mission

Our mission is to help individuals and organisations make positive change. We believe that increasing people’s wellbeing by employing the latest positive psychology, emotional intelligence and mental toughness tools will create an environment for people and business to flourish.

We focus on strengths to increase resilience, wellbeing and mental toughness and lead a more happy and purposeful life.

Our core values

The Core Values that underpin our work:

Honesty: – We believe in being transparent and acting in the best interest of people and organisations by maintaining strong and positive relationship. Respect: – Acting with care and empathy to others and speaking with authenticity acknowledging leaders in the field, both past and present, who have contributed to our understanding of Positive Psychology Influence: – providing quality programmes and training materials grounded in evidence that add value to the field and are both helpful and hopeful to individuals and organisation recognising and celebrating growth in the field of Positive Psychology Professionalism: – Ensuring the highest standard and be the best we can be