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Driving performance and potential through one-on-one development

Coaching is a collaborative partnership designed to help professionals develop their skills, performance, capabilities and wellbeing. A powerful and proven method for optimising performance, learning and development, coaching offers confidential, individual support that can accelerate the journey toward leadership excellence and success.

Our experienced coaches draw on their senior leadership, learning and development experience, industry-wide exposure and knowledge of positive psychology, emotional intelligence and neuroscience. They apply a positive coaching approach to build people’s awareness, strengths, resources and toolkit to be exceptional leaders, managers and influencers within their organisations, entrepreneurial businesses and professional networks. Depending on the needs of the people they coach, they may draw on frameworks and techniques to set goals, clarify direction, manage priorities, deal with emotions, improve relationships, sharpen acumen, or increase overall wellbeing.

Coaching interventions have shown to increase the effectiveness of leadership development and training initiatives by up to 87%. A one-on-one coaching programme with us can also help embed the emotional intelligence skills, positive psychology tools and mental toughness capabilities.


Positive Ed consultants are drawn from a variety of sectors and have all operated at senior levels in their previous roles. They are all experts in their fields, and focus on building long lasting and productive relationships with clients. Our consultants use strenght approach to work with you on your forward agenda and develop workable solutions to help your business perform at its best.

Our capabilities include developing programs and solutions in the areas of:

Positive Leadership
Change management
Wellbeing in a workplace
Developing and embedding values
Competency framework development

Courses and Accrediation

We offer various courses and accreditation for your organisations. Some of the topics we cover are:

Positive Leadership

Our Positive Leadership Course offers a new way to develop authentic and positive leaders. Positive leadership improves and builds positive domains through strengths. Positive leadership’s aim is to get leaders to shift their behaviour from negative behaviour to positive behaviour without ignoring deficiencies. The programme will enable participants to:

Change their mindset
To build positive relationships
To improve self-efficacy and confidence
Identifying and articulating a vision.
Ensuring shared understandings, meanings, and goals.
Effective communication.
Encouraging reflection.
Monitoring and assessing practice

Wellbeing at Work

Organisations who invest time in wellbeing at work benefit from more productive, committed and loyal staff, higher employee retention and lower absenteeism. Research shows that there is a positive association between wellbeing, job satisfaction and an employee’s job performance.

As a leader you have a crucial role to play in the wellbeing of your team. Your leadership style can enhance or negatively impact wellbeing and work-life balance. If wellbeing is impacted, productivity and morale suffer.

This course explores the factors affecting wellbeing and work-life balance, and offers solutions and ideas that will help you to create a positive working environment.

Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Inteligence is the ability to recognize, understand and manage our own emotionsand also to recognize, understand and influence the emotions of other. Our course will motivate and challenge you on both an intellectual and emotional level. The course is designed to spark thinking in fresh ways we encourage leadership behaviours using an emotion’s approach and models for life and work. We teach you a multitude of practical emotional skills and theory. We will measure your own Emotional Intelligence through a well evidence-based measure.


The importance of developing positive relationship at work
People spend a lot of time at work, so work relationships are important. If your workplace is a positive place with a sense of collaboration, employees will thrive. Research shows that encouragement, sharing and camaraderie lead to higher levels of productivity and job satisfaction. This course will help you model the behaviour you want as well as teach the value of getting to know your employees as individuals. Some of the learning outcomes are: demonstrate actions that build confidence and avoid those that erode trust, model the positive relationship behaviours you seek in others, manage and implement strategies to improve relationships, create an effective individual development plan
Mental toughness to improve performance

Every employee, at some point, would have experience work-related stress. After all, any job (no matter how much you love it) can bring stress. So how do we deal with this work-related stress? Mental toughness can help us challenge this.

Mental toughness involves having the ability to cope under pressure with self-belief and focus. However, given that working practices are long in duration (e.g. frequency of the day and working year) mental toughness requires demanding training and preparation to be effective. One aspect that can enhance mental toughness is through the implementation of specific mental skills. In this course you will learn strategies and techniques to normalize challenges like, positive mindset, setting goals, build self-reliance, practice perseverance and so many more.

Resilience at work

We offer several option on this course, from personal resilience, team resilience to leadership resilience.  Our resilience course provides practical strategies, diagnostics, tactics and tools to bolster mental, emotional and physical resilience in leaders, managers and teams.

Resilience is the ability to recover and bounce back from adversity and hardships, feeling stronger and more capable to cope than ever before. Our resilience training programmes will provide your leaders, managers and teams with the necessary skills to achieve this.

Resilient people demonstrate great flexibility, high energy, mental agility and consistently perform at their highest level. They have strong relationships and support networks that help them to amplify their productivity and results.


Are you looking to improve performance in individual to give them the edge?
We can help you assess, develop and maximise the core abilities by using evidence-based measure in mental toughness, emotional intelligence and strengths
As an individual, this can help you to achieve optimal performance, engagement, well being and results.

We offer the following assessments:

Mental Toughness Questionnaire
The Flourishing Scale
Emotional Intelligence
Wellbeing Scale
Character strengths